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    Putting your existing relationships -- and potential ones -- under a microscope right now yields some very interesting findings indeed. Read between the lines, especially when it comes to romantic matters. About Your Sign: Libra. Top Members.

    You love and trust your partner very much and know that both of you are prepared for the question. Now that the two of you are extremely comfortable in the relationship, you think it will be safe as well. You are a patient individual who prefers to weigh the pros and cons of a situation before voicing your thoughts or considering a solution.

    You believe in deep discussion and expect everyone to be responsible for a certain collective stance. Your partner on the other hand, is dramatic in nature and places over emphasis on things.

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    The two of you are complementary with you providing the calm and your partner providing the thrill. Today is a lucky day for you, according to the stars.

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    Therefore, it is a good idea to say what is on your mind. Take your partner out on a special date to keep things interesting and blend the question in. It is a good idea to keep the surroundings calm. Therefore, stay away from dynamism like water bodies or moving vehicles when planning to ask.