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I would like to know when I can get to go to academy awards in Hollywood CA. I feel some type of spiritual guidence on a positive energy, but at times the arguments depate within multiple reflections in a overwhelmingly thought in the lowest factions time can offer. Delete the first and last 2? Im the creator mastering any element my hounds miss on due to my specific orders. Just checking trap..

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Im at the phase with every fleet equipted to patiently take helpless ones that are placed in these situations from allowing others to abuse our loyalty. I just been through something horrible i just want to know am i going to be struggling much longer. Have Faith That it is in your heart already to overcome the world that surrounds you, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I have a disabled son and need to know will his legs improve after his operation? You have been praying and asking for healing for your faith I ask God now to bring Healing and renewal to your sons Legs. Only if you stop poisoning yourself and others because of your situation..

My name is Jade. I am displaying all the symptoms of being pregnant. But that would be impossible as I had a partial hysterectomy at age Yet my tummy looks big as it did for my 1st pregnancy. From bottom of breasts down.

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The 1st, was DOA sadly. But was sick like this for 1st successful birth. It has no logic. How could I be? Do I have a stomach tu! I want to know what is wrong with my love life. Have never dated any girl before they all are rejecting me. Pls when will I meet the girl and if possible tell me her details to know her when I see her.

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I m having a strong desire to make a gf but uts not happening. What n when to do things. I am Leo. I was born on July 27 I aim to be an airhostess. How will my career be? Will I get a good job?

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My DOB is 11 of August, I think she has a lot of boy friends. Does she actually love me. What is the future of this relationship?

My zodaic sign is leo…and i want to become a doctor.. I am born in July 24th.

I am trying for Australia, Sydney for July intake. I was born on august 2nd , till now my career is not settled. Please let me know what is stored in future and what are the chances for settling in abroad. I have a question for the Leo men out there.

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I am a Virgo woman, along with begin beautiful inside an out, compassionate, loving, caring, loyalty, honest, independened and enjoy taking care of my better half in my relationship, I am very active in my church…He use to call me all the time and talk about our future together, he even gave me a engagement ring but he never brings up anything about our wedding. But he talks about relocating were I live and spending our future together.

He still calls me on the phone but not as much…I am 54 virgo, and he is 58 Leo man…Please! Tell me your thoughts…. I am Leo 56…Did you ever showed him your interest in deep whatever he was discussing with you over pone…??? Secondly, he may also be looking for intimate life after wedding and might be wanted to know your interest on this subject.. Good Luck…. Anyone know anything about Leo woman and Pisces man together?

Does it work and how? Got my eye on a Sag. His spirituality turns me on. Lol-Leo woman. Tel me about my career,and My sign is leo and my garl friend sign is pisces does the things goes on well for us bec we have decided to get marry as soon as possible. Tel me about my career,i want to know what the future has in stock for me. It is a very painful situation. There seems no solution because if I tell her she will reject my friendship and I will lose her.

Life is not easy for some people. So i Love a boy. Kya mere parivar vale meri shadi usese kar denge. I am leo girl had recently break up to the 8 yrs younger saguitarius man.. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. What is it about? App Details Version. Last updated. Release date. More info. Weekly and Monthly one email per week. Share this.

Phil September 4th, Hi any female pisceans in southafrica? Whatsapp Like 0. Like 0. Angel August 13th, Why do pisces still talk about they ex they broke up with a year ago Like 0. Tom August 14th, Chris Laz August 21st, Is here anyone who is sufferings from deep depression in life Like 0. Ada July 23rd, Hi am Pisces from Nigeria Like 0. Thom April 19th, Tunde May 13th, Hw are you am pisces frm Nigeria my whatsap Like 0. Stanley emeka March 27th, Am looking for a good wife Like 0. Thom March 25th, Iam looking for pisces friends in South Africa, my whatsapp is Like 0. Ryan Pienaar March 23rd, Hi Rayan.

I am a Pisces Like 0. Richie Balboa March 12th, Is my henis going to get some action soon Like 0. George March 13th, So keep it real George… Like 0. Noneyabuisness March 16th, George March 16th, Thanks for everything and please I need help nothing is moving for me well please help me,.. Chinonge February 27th, Its really sound real and am like being guided Like 0. George February 27th, I want to progress in my life generation of my own life and more money, jobs, fame power wealth weapons and long life Like 0.

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Cimberli Jenkins January 10th, All the best… Like 0. So watch out cause you will see clearly those who really are your true friends Like 0. Masawudu October 31st, My business sereosly going down. Rohan October 2nd, Dorothy nettles August 11th, This prediction is nothing of the such for I Like 0. George August 10th, Bushra July 27th, I am jobless when will I get job…. I also have marital discord when will. Krishna prashad sharma July 26th, Naveed Rajput July 21st,