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Some are good and some cause great problems. We often experience sufferings, face problems, fight with them and ultimately seek sense of fulfilment. The course of life is determined by the effects of the stars, their combinations, yogas in horoscope etc. Vedic astrology apart from helping predict the future also helps by suggesting various Vedic remedies which helps a person to reduce the malefic effects and increase the positive effects. By making use of the Vedic remedies one gets the strength and finds ways to overcome the difficult situations in life. Vedic remedies are also helpful to people who are in no difficulties as they get to know the right remedies to multiply the positive effects of the horoscope.

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Planning to go to on a foreign trip, looking for settlement abroad, having difficulties in getting visa. The Travel Report will help you to know the periods of travel, the issues related to it and much more. Know all about your horoscope in regards to travel and settlement. Get a Travel Report. Know more. Ganesha is typically the first deity contacted in prayers in Hinduism. Those who seek wisdom and prosperity often call for him. Some stories say that Ganesha was born with an elephant head.

Most say that he was born with a human head that was later replaced with the elephant head. She then had Ganesha guard the entrance to her bathroom. Parvati was struck with grief, and to console her, Shiva restored Ganesha to life, giving him an elephant head. Everything in the universe is created by one infinite, divine consciousness known as Brahman.

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As a result, deities are associated with a particular animal or bird that acts as a vehicle—or vahana —to transport the gods and goddesses wherever they need to go. It can gnaw through all barriers and it can slide into crevices too tiny for Ganesha to enter. Together the elephant deity and his vahana ensure that obstacles of all sizes can be removed. Ganesha can be especially helpful for:. Search form Search. Ganesha: The Remover of Obstacles. By The Editors at Chopra. The Vahana of Ganesha Everything in the universe is created by one infinite, divine consciousness known as Brahman.

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  6. Before the idol is brought one need to keep the following things ready — joss sticks and incense Aggarbatti and Dhoop plate with earthen lamps, a cloth to cover the Ganesh idol, betel nuts supari , betel leaf paan leaf , another piece of cloth for Sandli made of sandalwood, used for carrying the lord , as per Zee news.

    The ritual of Ganesh Chaturthi puja starts with cleaning the entire house before bringing the idol. The puja starts with lighting the joss sticks and incense Aggarbatti and Dhoop which should be placed in an Aarti thali. Now, the betel leaf with a supari must be placed in front of the sandli. Dakshina should be given to a priest if he is performing puja.

    Now ask of one of the family members to bring a bowl of rice to shower it on the idol before bringing it inside.


    Before placing the Ganesh idol, one is advised to put some uncooked rice on it a betel nut, turmeric, red coloured sacred powder, as per Zee News. After placing the Ganesha idol at home —there are certain things to be done. For instance, red flowers, druva grass blades, modak jaggery filled sweet , coconut, red chandan sandalwood paste , incense and aggarbattis to serve the idol. Everyone in the family should take bath before sitting for puja. The idol should be placed on a clean, raised platform. Read the mantras being chanted for invoking Lord Ganesha.

    It is advised that a specialised pandit should be invited to chant the holy mantras, as per Zee News.